Declaration of Liberty & Justice for All ‘We the People’ plead Not Guilty…

Declaration of Liberty & Justice for All
‘We the People’ plead Not Guilty…

‘We the People’ is more than just a phrase - it's the foundation from which we derive our rules of governance-namely, that the United States shall be governed for the people, by the people. Our public servants are required to take an oath swearing to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; and bear true faith and allegiance to the same. It appears it is time to remind them about the latter.
Traffic laws, and the methods used to exercise police powers thereof have become categorically un-constitutional, and can be successfully challenged in a court of law.
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PSA Most Effective

This PSA in the UK is the prefect example of an effective deterrent for young drivers on distracted driving. But the term distracted driving is such a broad category that laws against distracted driving will not only fail, they become onerous and the enforcement abuses are incompatible with a free society. Being Distracted while operating trains, busses etc should be outlawed per se but advancing computer technology interfaces and aids are also our best safety hope for the future.

Attention getting PSAs work, turning human activity into a crime against the state will fail.

Is LaHood a Safety Czar, or our new Godfather?

Is LaHood a Safety Czar, or our new Godfather?

The United States Department of Transportation has become a classic example of government gone wrong. Its charter is to assure a healthy and robust transportation infrastructure that is operating safely for the common good. What it has turned into is a crime syndicate operated by, and for, special interest that depend on the USDOT’s malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance and disregard for our Constitution and the rule of law. Which begs the question is the head of the USDOT a Safety Czar or a Godfather?
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USDOT Distracted and Operating Under the Influence

The United States Department of Transportation has seriously compromised safety by allowing itself to be distracted while "operating under the influence" of special interest groups. This diversion from its safety charter is directly contributing to an incredible number of lives lost, injuries and financial mayhem for many millions more. PDF version Read More...

ITE Speed Limits and the Law - powerpoint

Speed Limits: Why the 85th Percentile, and how it relates to safety, enforcement and our laws. Paper No: 134 - powerpoint pdf

Institute of Transportation Engineers
2009 District 6 Annual Meeting
July 12 –15, 2009, Denver, CO