MUTCD, due process, illegal practices

BHSPI legal interpretation request on non compliant changes to MUTCD

April 28, 2010

Paul Pisano, Acting Director
Federal Highway Administration
Office of Transportation Operations (HOTO)
400 Seventh Street, SW
Washington, D.C. 20590

RE: Legal Interpretation, Section 2B.13 Speed Limit Sign (R2-1) et al per 5 USC 706 the inclusions of Statutory and Posted Speed as foundation for traffic control or police powers authorities as promulgated in MUTCD, UVC or referenced by Section 1A.11 et al, Under the Color of Federal Law, in each instance, absent fully conforming factual foundations, are Unconstitutional, Arbitrary and Capricious, Unsafe, Violates the Equal Protection Clause, Substantive and Procedural Due Process et al.

Amicus Curiae AttachedHayduk v. South Carolina, arguments/cites

We would like an interpretation regarding the current use of Statutory, invented Posted Limits as the foundation for traffic control and police powers etc., Under the Color of Federal Law and other related purported authorities or oversight standards removal identified here, in context of this federally regulated field.
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