Hall of Shame Rogues Gallery

Dedicated to those that have demonstrated a complete disregard of the common good, the US Constitution and 'We the People'.

This award was designed to bring to light some of the most dangerous people in our society. On one hand many of our supporters cringe at the thought of this section. They do not want to believe that those in Washington D.C. are not working in the best interest of the common good.

It's painfully apparent in every other sector of government, why wouldn't it apply to transportation when billions and billions of highway dollars, empires, insurance surcharges, supply chain decisions and fine revenues are at stake? On average, an astonishing 500,000 dollars per legislator each year is spent on lobbying in Washington D.C., to garner their vote. That is the reported amount, how much is spent off the books or at the local and state levels?

Make no mistake about it, this not a Republican or Democratic issue, it's power, access, self interest, money and empire building for well over a decade now that has become entrenched without oversight. The bureaucrats have become professional bureaucrats, not leaders or agents for the general welfare or advocates for 'We the People'. They have their title and or job and a paycheck. The apathy is deafening.

This goes to the core of our effort here, if not us, WHO? If no one shines the light of day on the truth, thousands more will die, and millions more will be subjected to economic mayhem for the financial benefit of a few.


Janet Napolitano
Former Governor of Arizona

Janet Napolitano


Court of Appeals
State of Tennessee


Honorable Ira Kaufman, Superior Court Judge
State of California, County of Lassen, Appellate Division
President of California Judges Association


SPONSOR: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Richard A. Retting
Senior Transportation Engineer