Hall of Shame Spotlight

Our Most Infamous Safety Hall Of Shame Member.

SPONSOR: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Richard A. Retting
Senior Transportation Engineer

There are few that are more deserving than Mr. Retting for this first Safety of Hall Shame award. His leadership over the years has successfully placed the lives of 300 plus million people in great jeopardy every day.

How did Mr. Retting and the IIHS do this? We have the best Congress money can buy and with his credentials, he was able to become a key player in public policy, and IIHS had the money to buy Congress and mislead the public, too. Collectively the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), USDOT, Governors' Association, International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) et al has been responsible for more deaths and injuries than all our disaster and wars combined since WWII.

Mr. Retting's role was a front man for a public theft ring sponsored by the insurance companies. They look normal, spend hundreds of millions on PC PR, work with public sector, live among us... but over the decades the IIHS along with Mr. Retting's for-profit efforts has contributed directly to the deaths of hundreds of thousands and injuries to millions more... for the money! The loss and expense to society has been immeasurable!

Partial IIHS Accomplishments:
  • Successfully Purchased Congress
  • Subverted ITE and FHWA Best Practices
  • Signal Timing, Championed unsafe short yellows
  • Partnered with others to Create Public Safety Myths that financially benefit its sponsors
  • Removal of requirements that signal timing is set to actual traffic speeds
  • Published many faux studies that use misleading and invented data - intentionally - that our infotainment excuse for the press repeats without question
  • Championed elimination of due process
  • Removal of periodic safety reviews or studies from best practices
  • Advocates speed traps
  • Advanced new invented laws to justify more traffic citations
  • Advanced Anti teen driving measures to increase premium potential
  • Promote no point enforcement civil fines, but they fail to mention its clients use public records and their secret underwriting practices to increase premiums for those citations to the vehicle owners