Hall of Shame Spotlight

Court of Appeals
State of Tennessee

Tennessee Court of Appeals: Judges - David R. Farmer, Alan E. Highers, Holly M. Kirby, J. Steven Stafford, Andy D. Bennett, Frank G. Clement Jr., Patricia J. Cottrell, Richard H. Dinkins, Herschel P. Franks, Charles D. Susano Jr., D. Michael Swiney, John W. McClarty


Supreme Court
State of Tennessee

Court Modo: Rule of Law be damned... what Constitution?
Thou Shalt Not Make Any Ruling That Could Affect Our Brethren's Funding!

Tennessee Supreme Court Judges: Chief Justice Janice M. Holder, Justice Cornelia A. Clark, Justice Gary R. Wade, Justice William C. Koch, Jr., Justice Sharon G. Lee

The Tennessee courts are the classic byproduct of a farm system of corruption operating in its own self interest, with no method of oversight and only one in 40 years has been replaced.

They are not unique either, by there actions, it seems to be what our court systems have devolved into everywhere. The only time you may get a ruling based on the Rule of Law is if it doesn't affect their income, the players club, political favors or public relations.

Sadly, the Tennessee Supreme Court just another hypocritical entity, operating to the clear detriment the Rule of Law and the general welfare of We the People.

Tennessee holds vehicle owners liable for speed camera and red light camera fines unless they prove who was driving. This is Despite the fact that both speeding and running a red light remained a criminal offense in Tennessee [TCA 55-8-109].

When Tennessee Activist Ron Brown challenged this issue before the Court of Appeals, they ruled that this practice does not offend the constitutional protections to remain silent, be presumed innocent, or to have every element of the crime proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Text of the case The Tennessee Supreme Court refused to hear Brown's appeal.

What's more interesting is the US Supreme Court agreed with Brown in that you cannot suspend a Constitutional right, the right to confront your accuser or the rule of law. But apparently in Tennessee the Constitution and your rights are not a deterrent to its power, or your wallet. Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts (Supreme Court of the United States, 6/25/2009)

Then there was the illegal ad hoc court set up by the town of Jellico to process the booty from the town's speed trap, and the Supreme Court ruled it's OK for them to keep its ill gotten gain.

Keep in mind when you're in front a judge in Tennessee, their retirement is funded from conviction revenues. Good Luck! This is not unique to Tennessee, either.