Declaration of Liberty & Justice for All ‘We the People’ plead Not Guilty…

Declaration of Liberty & Justice for All
‘We the People’ plead Not Guilty…

‘We the People’ is more than just a phrase - it's the foundation from which we derive our rules of governance-namely, that the United States shall be governed for the people, by the people. Our public servants are required to take an oath swearing to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; and bear true faith and allegiance to the same. It appears it is time to remind them about the latter.
Traffic laws, and the methods used to exercise police powers thereof have become categorically un-constitutional, and can be successfully challenged in a court of law.
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In order to conform to the Constitution and Congress’ intent, our traffic control laws and the exercise of police powers thereof must be fact based, uniform in both application and expectation, be promulgated with deference to our inalienable Constitutional rights, including due process and equal protection on all roadways, bike paths and pedestrian facilities open to the public within the U.S. and its territories. We know of no entity in the United States that follows these precepts, in process, or application of its traffic laws.
How can this be possibly true? It’s because the USDOT, which was entrusted with this oversight responsibility by Congress, has been taken over by the insidious special interest that now runs our Government. The public safety industrial complex and those that benefit from these enterprises have created a monster of current and legacy cost that must be fed, and it wants to grow and it feeds on power and cash; but all they left to feed it is - YOU!
We have issued this call to Liberty and Justice to stop this monster, because while we have been distracted by our momentous national crisis, the USDOT has been diligently coordinating the greatest expansion of police powers in American history. Police pretext stops will become a way of life, and there will be no defense because they will use per se laws that do not require an unsafe act to sustain a conviction. Sound farfetched? Consider this: more than 50 million citations a year are already being written for otherwise safe driving. During the first five months of Arizona’s new traffic “safety” program, more than 700,000 automated citations were issued to motorists safely traveling with the normal flow of traffic.
USDOT Distracted and Operating Under the Influence (extracts)
LaHood announces Trojan Horse Safety Summit being delivered in September! The universal solution is always new laws and ever growing justifications for traffic stops, improvements in writing citations en masse and curtailing due process. One thing that would shock most Americans is the fact that writing traffic citations, as practiced on our highways, has been documented to have a virtual zero effect on accident rates. Well over 90 percent of the more than 50 million citations written each year are issued to those according to the FHWA; et al are otherwise driving safely.
This is where the National Highway Safety Administration, NHTSA, AKA the Federal Agency of Urban Myth shines. With billions of public treasure and billions more from insurance companies over the decades they have created a public cause and effect perception that is patently untrue. The special interests have taken over our public safety policies to a point that true safety programs go unfunded and neglected. This is where it gets scary, because what is killing us is not attributed.
Who will we find manning this Trojan Horse Summit? The guest list is a who’s who of regulators that benefit from regulating, special interest, empire and political favor seekers and those that profit from them and their minions; none represent the ‘Common Good’, ‘We the People’ or the ‘Rule of Law’ or empirical scientific findings or our safety. NONE!
This USDOT Safety Summit is like a national meeting of McDonald’s franchisees being organized to represent the rights of cattle.
The only way to end this tyrannical feeding frenzy is knowledge and action. Learn your constitutional rights and exercise them by pleading not guilty. Free yourself and spread the word. Our liberty and justice exist only if we fight for them. If only a small percentage of the 50 million or more unconstitutional citations were contested, this house of cards would collapse. And most importantly, our success will ensure our roadways become significantly safer, too.
Join us in declaring September as the first “We the People’ plead Not Guilty” Month, and every month thereafter do the same. In doing so, we will affect change and reclaim our rights - and our country. There are judges who respect the rule of law. With our voices, they will one at a time turn this tide of tyranny.
Get started today by reading this cursory review of what best practices are, how they protect us and assure fair laws.
We believe knowledge is power, so we’re going to go over some basic best practice and due process principles. Here is the 30,000 foot view of our laws and in every instance hereon, we have first hand knowledge the following is true. (Click here to review addendum)