Colter's Guide to the Police States of America!

Colter's Guide to the Police States of America!

Shocking title without a doubt.  Nonetheless, if you have an interest in public safety and due process his video's content, like it or not, tells a compelling story that those involved here need to know, or know about and the information herein, or share it with others that should also know about it.

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We agree with him that the USDOT Under the Color of Federal Law, via the MUTCD and UVC etc has purportedly suspended the US Constitution, your inalienable rights, substantive and procedural due process, equal protection etc when you enter a roadway - all at the expense of safety.


Was LaHood’s Decree Banning Driving and Texting Illegal?

January 29, 2010
We are still a nation of laws, which seems to be a concept lost on the USDOT. LaHood’s texting ban decree lacked the statutory requirements of a federal regulation therefore it was illegal. While the intention of the law may have been noble, at the end of the day he is a political appointee and as a member of the Executive Branch his actions, as with the entire regulatory authority of the USDOT, is governed by a statutory process, and a decree by LaHood doesn’t change that. He is an administrator and his opinion or decree does not make law.
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LaHood Grandstands on Driving and Texting with new Decree Banning it, but what are the True Consequences.

January 26, 2010
Vehicle telemetry, satellites and ever advancing smart communication and driver safety systems are improving our commercial fleet efficiencies and safety, BOTH. Keeping trucks on dedicated routes, eliminating trips and smart telemetry in some studies have shown to reduce travel times 4 days a year, while these vehicles have also been shown to have better safety records.
As our National fleet safety record is improving why would the USDOT take a safety issue out of context in a populist effort to pretend it’s solving a major safety problem. Yes hand texting on a personal device is foolish and unsafe in many or even most instances, but not all, and at what price?
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